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Joy at Stapleford Park

It really was a “joyful” day at Stapleford Park Hotel, Leicestershire – the bride’s name was Joy (get it? groan…..). We all know what the weather has been like lately, but we were very lucky that it was dry as the couple had a full day planned and no weather was going to spoil it! Joy’s dress was just classic sophisication – and Chris and his groomsmen all had novelty cufflinks!

Joy’s Father gave her away in a beautiful service in the Orangery, and then all the guests quickly moved over to the intimate chapel on Stapleford’s grounds for a blessing. We were really lucky that the weather held out, so we were able to make the most of Stapleford’s fantastic grounds for photography.

There was a theme to this wedding really close to my heart – Star Wars! The couple had named every table after a planet in Star Wars (they were on Cloud City) and entered the wedding breakfast to “March of the Empire”!

The evening entertainment was a wedding rock karaoke (with both bride and groom singing – well, mostly the bride) and then they capped their Perfect Day off with Fireworks! Talk about going out with a bang!!


Stormy Weather

Stormy weather wasn’t going to affect Phil & Lynsey’s Big Day at Rothley Court, Rothley, Leicestershire – in fact the weather had no impact on this beautiful wedding at all!

Phil arrived in true style in a Bentley. Then the bridemaids and Lynsey were all coo’ing over the couples lovely boys, Harry & William, who looked very smart indeed!

The service was very special, especially as Phil nearly fell over walking backwards up the aisle! Luckly we were able to get outside for some group photos, and then it was inside for a great drinks reception full of drinking, laughter, and great expressions.

William gave an amazing speech, embarrassing his Dad – by basically asking out loud “Why is Mum marrying Dad?”, and this cheeky lad really stole the show from the adults!

For this couple it was a Perfect Day – spent chatting, joking, and laughing with friends and family alike – the weather simply didn’t even enter the equation!

So Happy April Showers everyone!

YPD needs You! Yes, YOU!

Here at YPD HQ we’ve never thought small (We think BIG!), and have always tried to bring our clients the best, by trying out new ideas and products – some which are popular, some which are slow burners and some which really grab people’s attention!

So, we supply high end, Bespoke Wedding Photography… Photography tailored to your needs and wants…but, what if we were able to offer that outside of Wedding Photography? We already supply Engagement Shoots to happy wedded to be couples, which acts as a way to feel comfortable in front of the camera ahead of the big day and which are always popular, but what if we offered family portraiture – would this be of interest?

We’re seriously thinking of moving gradually into this market, so that as well as offering amazing Wedding Photography, we can offer contemporary portraiture as well. Babies, new borns, themed photoshoots, bump and baby shoots, outdoor shoots – anything creative you can think of! Over the last six months, myself and Rebecca (Studio Manager) have been looking at new opportunities for us, and feel that the portrait market could be great. Breaking with it’s clumsy boring tradition, it’d be shot in our very fresh and unique style, with alot of input from you guys (our beloved customers), so the images are totally unique and special to you.

All the portait photos on this post have been taken recently – And are all Wedding Photography clients who wanted that something else (For their family) after their Wedding.

Fun, laughter and great expressions are the order of the day! We’re considering (Dependent upon you guys responses) moving studio into a custom built one, with a beautiful big infinity backdrop – exciting times (or could be!).

So, big steps ahead – we’re still in the earliest stages of considering it, and would, REALLY, REALLY appreciate some feedback from people! We’ve attached some examples of the kind of thing we enjoy shooting for existing clients, so get thinking and let us know your feedback – e-mail, or leave us a comment on our FB page or in the comments section here.

New Albums at YPD HQ

Ok, so it’s a given that we supply great photography, right?….right?

But without great presentation, nobody is unfortunately going to see your beautiful images – even the most amazing photograph will look shabby if it’s badly printed and poorly mounted.

So we’ve always been very passionate about sourcing the best albums for our clients, and are very excited about some new product that has hit YPD HQ, that we couldn’t resist telling you about. THAT we are so sure is going to be a big hit!

We’ve named the new album “Sigma” and it’s a “storybook” style album i.e. the images are printed onto the pages, BUT the main difference is it’s more of a presentation album as it comes with its own box (handily oversized so you can keep all manor of wedding keepsakes in it!) with a printed wrap around three quarter cover!

Our sample features the same cover on the box and album cover, but there’s nothing to stop you choosing two of your fave images and have different looks! Parent albums are still available with this product (though because of their size there isnt the wrap around cover) and we think you guys will love them – can’t wait to start showing them off to wedding photography clients!

Click on one of the sample images to see the album in its full glory!

And the Sun shone down!

I must admit I was really worried about the weather in run up to Rachel and Dave’s Wedding – I was really praying for great weather, and boy did the big man upstairs deliver!

Come their Wedding morning, the sky was blue, the light was hazy and sexy, and everything seemed to be lit up amazingly.

The couple had an amazing day at their beautiful venue – The Ashes Country House, Wedding Venue, Nr Leek, Staffordshire – and the weather really made the day even more special. After a very informal ceromany, the couple enjoyed a lovely drinks reception with the guests taking in the great views. It was a nice mix of family and friends that shared the lovely couple’s day, and this brought me loads of chances to capture candid & romantic moments.

Sometimes everything seems to click at weddings, and it really was the case here – great weather, great location, but most of all great people just enjoying themselves!

Wedding season goes into overdrive

It’s so great to be sat in the studio right now; myself and Rebecca (P.A) are planning this year, and next year, and getting very exciting about where we’re taking the business.

We’re investing heavily in new computer equipment (a very sexy new 10TB NAS backup, and WIFI routers for cloud transfer) and I’m getting very turned on with my shooting – I’m loving looking at photography blogs, magazines and anything else photographical I can consume and add to my photographic arsenal!

My new iPad really plays a big part in my on going journey into photographic technique – photography is such a broad subject, i`ve never understood how some photographers I talk too, don’t seem bothered to learn new and exciting techniques.

We’re both super happy with the new albums and presentation methods we’ve looked at – We had a visit from one of our suppliers last week, who showed us some now shiny things!, and promise that we’ve got some very special new packages on the way! Great new products that will really showcase your beautiful wedding photography by of course, Your Perfect Day!

What’s getting me excited about my photography at the minute is that I’m moving away from using my beloved flash, and embracing natural light and flare. In fact I only now use flash to create really interesting hard light looks, which is odd as anybody who knows of my fashion background knows how I’m well known for my flash strobist technique.

Vintage processing, clever design, and clean sexy layouts are also taking centre stage in our album construction at the minute, we’re so excited when clients collect from us right now, as the looks of wonder (and tears) are just priceless!

These images attached are just a little sample from this years weddings, and as we gear up for a very exciting summer,  we hope our clients are as passionate as we are – trust me, as the song goes “baby, you just aint seen nothing yet”.

Reclaim: Your Perfect Day Exhibited

It’s a little over 2 weeks since Chris’ 4th Exhibition: Reclaim drew to a close at his resident LCB Depot. Chris received a great response to his work, and was so pleased with the turn out on Opening Night.

Drawing lots of interest from local press, this exhibition has really put Chris Denner on the map photographically (again!).

In case you didn’t get the chance to come down and see the photography exhibition, we’ve popped the photos onto this blog so that you can take a peek.

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

High fashion, magazine style photography this is, but we thought it would be nice to share with Wedding Photography clients so that you can see what Chris can do – And do for you! So if you like the style and idea – There is nothing stopping you for  asking for something like this as part of your wedding photography. Just need to make sure that the wedding guests are catered for first!

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Please feel free to check out our earlier blog post which give a little more information as the the where, why, and mission behind Chris’ new body of work.

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Reclaim by Chris Denner

Great aren’t they? Be nice to hear your comments!

Nice to see You… Engagement Shoots at Your Perfect Day

Lately I’ve really enjoyed shooting upcoming clients in Pre-Wedding Engagement shoots – It is a fact that it’s always nice to see people before their wedding. We meet, usually in my studio over a cup of coffee, to gauge ideas on what they want from their wedding photography, what ideas they have for special moments for the day that I might need to capture and generally have a catch up.

For some couples, it can be a long time between our initial meeting at a Wedding Fair, to a potential booking meeting, then to the actual wedding with some couple’s ebooking 2 years in advance SO it’s always nice to take some shots and put them at ease before the big day.

Doing an Engagement Photo Shoot enables the couple to get used to the camera and really begin to feel at ease being the centre of attention. This approach also provides a great opportunity to have a great photo of your both displayed at your Wedding Reception!

What’s exciting me about these shoots is the bespoke nature of them – Some couples just want some lovely candid photography of themselves, but some come up with huge ideas and want sets, outfits and props for their shoot! It’s a great way to break the ice photographically before the big day, and i’d urge everybody to have a little think about all the fun and creative things you can do!

Sometimes its a simple wander around the area that surrounds my LCB Depot studio, in Leicester (see examples above and below, 2 different couples, the below pictures were taken outside St Georges Church in Leicester.) but some people come up with amazing ideas for picnic themed shoots, shoots in abandoned buildings, shoots literally anywhere! Inspire us, we LOVE to shoot new stuff. This weekend I’m shooting a couple down at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, they want a picnic, shabby chic feel, and have sourced loads of props – VERY EXCITED!

Everybody loves photography – and with Facebook, Twitter and other social media it surrounds us (and a good way to brag too!), and we feel that these candid and relaxed sessions not only set you up for the big day, but they also work really nicely as “thank you” cards or even actual invitations! Whats right for you is right for you, so be it scuba diving in a shark infested tank (a little extreme in my opinion) to just relaxing in the sunshine, if you like the idea of this, dont hesitate to get in touch and lets throw some ideas around.

What will your story say?

Busy, busy times!

Phew!, this year has hurtled by like a speeding bullet! A whirlwind of great clients, great photography and lots of wedding fairs and shoots abroad has meant that we’re going into Spring Summer of 2012 with some amazing momentum, and very excited about where our photography is going!

It was a pleasure working with Bina & Manish last week, as we shot the first part of their big day(s) – a civil ceromany at the wonderful Quorn Country Grange Hotel, Loughborough, Leicestershire and a reception at the Leicester Stage Hotel, Wigston, Leicestershire. With over 600 images from this part alone, it’ll be tough trying to choose what goes into their album!

We’re quickly approaching 25 wedding bookings for 2013, so very excited as new clients emerge to work with us, but most of all? They inspire us!

Rome – What an inspiration!

Your Perfect Day has been on the road…

Ok, so Rome (or Roma) is awesome. Photographically speaking its a City that demands to be explored and enjoyed by photographers. I shot so much great stuff, its hard to narrow them down to a few favourites but I’ve tried!

I can imagine that this City would be a great location for a Wedding and therefore some great Wedding photography!

Simply put, you cannot go wrong photographically in this city! I’ll upload a short Noir slideshow next week so people can see a more varied collection, though be sure to let me know what you think…

Everywhere you turn there’s barque and gothic inspiration – I loved it, the city is just crying out for all you lovely couples who are looking for the perfect “Mini-Moon”! In fact, if you do, then send us your photos so that we can feature them on this blog.

So check in with us next week for a Noir Photography Video Slideshow!

Addio per ora! (Good bye for now!)

Chris x