Somewhere over the Rainbow

Catherine & Adnan had a very special day, and felt very privilged to witness a rainbow that popped up to nosey in on their wedding day!

The service was held at Oakham Castle, with Catherine’s Brother Liam doing a fine job of giving her away (I am quite the poet today!). Adnan (A professional comedian by trade) was in abit of a jittery state just prior to Catherine’s fantastic entrance, but they both settled into a beautiful ceromony full of love, laughs and emotions!

After a great confetti moment, it was off to Barnsdale Lodge for a drinks reception. The newly married couple had actually hired out an ice cream van as well, this could not have worked any better as it was a gloriously beautiful day weather wise!

The speeches had everybody in stitches and then tears as the speakers switched between jokes and emotional messages, of particular mention was Adnan’s brother with a VERY naughty story (that I won’t repeat here) that finished off the speeches and had the whole room roaring with laughter and the Bride & Groom with their heads in their hands!

Thanks for a Perfect Day guys!


One response

  1. Beautiful wedding photos, Chris has completely captured the feelings and mood of the day!

    November 4, 2011 at 12:52 pm

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